Our Stamp Products Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Pre-Inked Stamp

The pre-ink stamp utilises the latest Flash Technology which produces more reliable and durable stamps. Pre-ink stamps can produce over 3000 impressions and the ink is refillable when the ink runs out. The ink is contained within the stamping die so no stamp pad is required. It uses oil-based ink that is waterproof. We offer a choice of 9 colour – Blue, Black, Red, Green, Violet, Pink, Orange, Light Blue and Brown.

Self-Inked Stamp

Self inking rubber stamps are the most commonly used today. All self inking stamps ┬áhave an ink pad built in. When you push down on the top of the self inking stamp, the die plate (where your information is) flips around to come in contact with the paper to create a print. They are clean, reliable and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate every use. Because of it’s flexibility and wide selection of sizes, the applications are almost endless. You’ll find them in office, factory, home and almost everywhere!

Colop Stamps

Shiny Stamps

Max Stamps

Normal Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamps require external stamps pad but comes at a lower price compared to the self-inked stamps. The rubber stamp is as durable and offers the flexibility of the impression colour with each use.

Popular Stock Stamps

Ink Colours Available : Red, Blue, Green, Black and Violet

Rubber Size : 9mm x 38mm

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